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Welcome to the world of eSports.

On Saturday 30th of November and Sunday 1st of December, ANT1 TV in Cyprus is organizing E2K19, the biggest eSports Tournament in Cyprus, with large prizes of up to €8000 for each game available in three separate arenas.

  • PC Arena: A League of Legends and a PUBG Tournament with a total of 100 gamers.
  • PS4 Arena: FIFA 20 Tournament with a total of 150 gamers.
  • Virtual Arena: Call of Duty: Mobile with up to 100 mobile gamers for a total of 20 rounds of gameplay.


The finals of League of Legends will be aired on ANT1, a free-to-air national television company, with professional eSports casters. ANT1 has planned for numerous media activities such as:

  • Press releases and announcements on TV and ant1.com.cy
  • Briefing on nightly ANT1 TV news.
  • Online streaming for the games.
  • Specialized website.
  • Creation of social media accounts and groups.


E2K will provide you a next whole new level of esports tournaments in Cyprus!


















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